Modification, Maintenance, Service and Support

Complementary team with different skills

OVS Offshore A/S is jointly owned by Orskov Group A/S, VMS Group A/S and Scanel International A/S.
Each company has provided specialised services to the international oil and gas industry for decades. Working together as OVS Offshore, they bring together solid knowledge and a range of special expertise in one solution.

Located at Port of Frederikshavn

Close to North Sea oil and gas fields, the port of Frederikshavn in Northern Denmark has a 600 m quay and water depth of minimum 11m and up to 14m - designed to handle large oil and gas units. OVS Offshore was established in 2017 - and already has decades of experience. The founding companies Scanel, Orskov Group and VMS group have worked individually and together on offshore projects for many years.

Cases and references

We take pride in our work

As individual companies we have been in the offshore business for several decades so do not hesitate to contact us for more references and detailed information on each case.