Case stories and references

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Selected case stories

This is a small selection of cases and references executed by OVS Offshore. For more detailed description of our services carried out, please visit the individual companies behind OVS Offshore. Click below and find links for each company.

Case: Maersk Completer

Project Management for Maersk Drilling – 10 year SPS 2012

  • Project Manager for the project
  • Preparation of scopes
  • Budget
  • Handling of subcontractors
  • Drilling equipment
  • Crane assistance
  • Steel work
  • Class work for SPS
  • On-site project management in Labuan (Borneo), Malaysia
  • Closing of project

Case: Maersk Guardian

Yard stay: Conversion of Maersk Guardian from drilling to accommodation rig Frederikshavn 2015/2016

  • Stacking including site rental, watch men, data connection, electrical power, water, discharge water etc.
  • Air warning lights in top of legs
  • Overhaul of Caterpillar engine and generator
  • 3D scan of different parts for design of new accommodation block
  • Exchange of fresh water piping in accommodation/engine room
  • Crane assistance
  • Modification to sprinkler system
  • Repair of watertight doors and hatches
  • Cleaning of generators and switchboards, circuit breaker test
  • Upgrading of navigation and communication system
  • Identification and mark up of electrical cables and equipment on cantilever , shale shaker and derrick
  • MCC's upgrading in main and emergency switchboards
  • Texas deck support structure renewal
  • Different spool pices renewal
  • Cleaning of cement tanks
  • Repair of lifeboats
  • Repair of seawater valves
  • Calibration of gauges
  • Rental of generators and lifts
  • Overhaul and repairs to ventilation motors/trunks
  • Removal and dismantling of BOP
  • Assistance with removal of cantilever from the rig

case Maersk Guardian
case Maersk Guardian
case Maersk Guardian
case Maersk Guardian

Selected references

Maersk Drilling

  • Maersk Guardian
  • Maersk Giant
  • Maersk Innovator
  • Maersk Gallant
  • Maersk Reacher
  • Maersk Intrepid
  • Maersk Integrator
  • Maersk Inspirer
  • Maersk Explorer (Haydar Aliyev)
  • Maersk Developer
  • Maersk Discoverer
  • Maersk Endurer
  • Maersk Valiant
  • Maersk Completer
  • Maersk Resilient
  • Maersk Resolute
  • Kan Tan IV

Floatel International

  • Floatel Superior
  • Floatel Victory
  • Floatel Endurance
  • Floatel Triumph

Aker BP

  • FPSO Alvheim

Teekay Petrojarl

  • FPSO Cidade de Rio das Ostras

Noble Drilling

  • Noble Sam Turner

Pacific Drilling

  • Pacific Bora
  • Pacific Scirocco
  • Pacific Khamsin

Ensco Drilling

  • Ensco 72
  • Ensco 100
  • Ensco 121
  • Ensco 122


  • Transocean Arctic
  • Transocean Leader
  • Transocean Searcher
  • Transocean Spitsbergen
  • Transocean Barents
  • Transocean Winner

Odfjell Drilling

  • Deepsea Aberdeen


  • West Eclipse
  • West Leo